Monday, April 12, 2010

Sponsored Post: Axe Twist Giveaway

axe twist

The new Axe Twist line was based on the insight that girls get bored easily.  We're certainly guilty of that ourselves, and we couldn't wait to spray the new deodorant body spray on our guy. The fragrance starts with fresh hints of citrus and lime to make a memorable first impression, then adds more depth with earthy notes of cedar and sandalwood to keep us ladies interested.

Our guy was a little hesitant at first to let us spray his torso right after he got out of the shower yesterday morning as he's never used a body spray before. We lured him with the promises of waffles and Clash of the Titans in 3-D. Turns out, we didn't need those extras--as we both really enjoyed the light citrus-y scent.

It's not an accident that we both like the smell, Axe had a focus group of college-age guys and girls test it out, a first for the brand. Axe Twist was created by fragrance designer Ann Gottlieb (the nose behind fragrances included Obsession, Eternity, Daisy for Marc Jacobs, Covet for Sarah Jessica Parker and many more) and perfumers at Firmenich (the largest privately-owned company in the fragrance industry).

When we went back to smell it an hour later, we started catching hints of the base notes. In four hours, the cedar and sandalwood were more fully revealed. If anything, we wish we had used a bit more of the spray as we had to get really close to our guy to sniff it out.

Axe Twist Giveaway
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