Friday, April 23, 2010

On Our Radar: Vacations for Women Whose Husbands Cheated

The Reef Resort Grand Cayman
Here's a special from The Reef Resort in Grand Cayman that's tailor made for any woman who has suffered the same fate as Sandra Bullock, Elin Woods and Ginny Barber: The Cheat’en Husbands respite package. Included is a Men Are Pigs’cocktail (we hope that's a fancy name for bottomless tequila shots), a mani and pedi and  a T-shirt painting therapy workshop, where suggested slogans are “men are scum,” “cheat’en is for losers.”

The package includes a four-night stay for four in a two-bedroom beachfront suite and a jeep rental. Prices start at $445 per person during the summer season and $595 per person during the winter season.

Word of warning: The hotel also offers romance, honeymoon and wedding packages, so you may be better off sticking with Vegas!

1 comment:

CityGirlsWorld said...

Awesome. We also would love a "bitch-slap bacardi" or a "key-his-car champagne cockatail."

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