Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Peek Inside Elite Travel Gal's Carry On

stacy Small

Stacy Small, travel agent extraordinaire and owner of Elite Travel and Travel Editor of Haute Living magazine travels so much she makes our head spin. Between jaunts to Fiji, exploring the new Amangiri resort in Utah and Bali, Stacy's always on the go. Here's what she travels with:

My usual carry on bag is chocolate brown wheeled Bric's laptop case. Bought it a few years ago in Rome and it pretty much goes with me on every trip!

bric laptop bag

I always bring my Bose noise-cancelling headphones, my iPhone which doubles as my iPod, my blackberry (yes I now have both), a stack of magazines (always the latest tabloids plus either Vanity Fair, Yoga Magazine, Health, and any of the travel magazines I haven't yet read!), the NY Post if the airport shop sells it, and at least two books as I am really fast reader. I haven't yet bought a Kindle but I will soon...in the meantime, I'm still toting old-fashioned chick lit books like Jackie Collins Poor Little Bitch Girl (read on last trip) and sometimes deeper stuff (currently reading about basic Buddhism), either spiritual or business related.
Poor Little Bitch Girl

Always have my Sony Vaio 2.5 pound laptop (which I haven't yet traded in for an iPad!) and my flip video with me. When I remember, I throw a wrap in my bag and I always make sure to bring an extra pair of socks as I'm always cold on the plane!

My favorite beauty products are Neutrogena moisturizer, Burts Bees eye jelly, Almay lip gloss and Purel. Plus, I always bring a few gluten-free snacks like Luna Bars and/or popcorn and/or dried fruit/nuts.


Elle Sees said...

I always love these posts! Part nosey, part curiosity, part loving of new products.

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

I pack pretty much the EXACT same things, love it!

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