Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Peek Inside the Beauty BFF's Carry On

Jenn Falik

Congrats to our friend Jenn Falik, MSN's new Beauty BFF. Her recently launched online beauty show features webisodes on Makeup Artist Must-Haves, How to Get a Flawless Face and more. New episodes air every week--so check back frequently to learn something new. Here's what she has in her carry on.

The Kooba Lana Tote has everything I could want in a carry on- fits just snug enough over my shoulder, lightweight, and lots of pockets. And when it isn’t stuffed to the brim, it folds nice and flat against the body so you don’t look like you are lugging around, well…luggage.
Kooba Lana Tote

I pride myself on a well packed in-flight beauty kit. Tucked inside a clear Hayden Harnett zipper pouch you will always find Darphin Aromatic Care Balm (I put it on before take off so I arrive with a nice glow- plus, the scent is so refreshing yet soot hing at the same time), an Essie Cuticle Oil Pen, Swabplus eyemakeup remover swabs, Stila Kitten Eyeshadow (for lids and all over highlighting- instant wake up- and heaven forbid my luggage is checked and gets lost, can’t leave a hotel room without it on) and 2 lip glosses- Clarks Botanicals Ultra Rich Tint in Rachel Red and Nars Ophelia and my beloved Lypsyl balm. And a handful of GOSMiLE Touch Ups to freshen up my smile throughout the flight- totally gets rid of that stale air feeling.

Sir Alistair Rai scarves are my obsession- I just got a pastel tie-dye one for Spring (similar to the one below) to add to my collection and I never board a plane without one around my neck. When not serving as my most stylish accessory, it can be balled up into a pillow or spread out as a blanket. I also place it on top of my bag when going through security so nothing falls out.

My iPod Nano has a somewhat generic list of tunes- I must admit that my musical tastes are none too sophisticated. The usual suspects- Dave Matthews, Coldplay, Kings of Leon and of course, Jay Z and Alicia Keys “New York”- I play it every time I land back home. And showtunes. I am a closeted musical theater geek. 

Flights are my only time to catch up on magazines- and since I have yet to get on the eReader bandwagon that leaves little room for an actual book. You will usually find me toting Allure, Lucky, Elle, People Stylewatch, Inc and Entrepreneur. And of course, the weekly magazines. I consider it research,  as well as weight training. Especially in September.

I also always have a Smythson mini notebook (I have to write everything down- usually I email myself notes but while in-flight, gotta go back to good old fashion pen and paper), an Anya Hindmarch large zipper pouch that actually says Tearsheets on it where I collect the pages I rip out of magazines, and my most constant companion- my MacBook Air. Oh, the tales that computer could tell.
Smythosn notebook

And last but not least- a Zico coconut water and a Kind bar. I always have the intention of being that healthy traveler- until I check into the hotel. That is when I order my room service cheeseburger- a treat that never ceases to make me smile.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on this! However, Zico is in plastic, and we just can't get behind drinking toxins.

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