Friday, June 19, 2009

Spray Tanning Accident

spray tanned feetIt may look like our feet were hennaed in preparation for a Moroccan wedding, but our strangely colored tootsies are actually the result of a spray tanning accident. While we've experienced our share of self tanning problems, this is the first serious issue we've had with our beloved spray tanning booth. Annie used a California Tan booth at Beach Bum prior to her latest beach trip. Best we can tell, they hadn't wiped the booth clean before she got in there. Can you say G-R-O-S-S!?!

The upside is, sand is a natural exfoliator, so after many, many, many long walks on the beach, her feet were back to normal after two days.

Next time, we're going back to an airbrush tan!

1 comment:

Sydne @ ThinkThruFashion said...

Oh no! I've had self tanner accidents but never like this. Glad it went back to normal.

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