Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hotels That Allow Dogs

In the spirit of our recent pet post, we decided to let you in on a few other hotels which are “pet-friendly.” The Muse Hotel lets both you and your pet indulge in luxury and relaxation. If you have a problem, see Ginger, a cute and classy Teacup Pomeranian, the director of Pet Relations.

If your pups truly want to be catered to, bring them to the Soho Grand in NYC, where many celebrities bring their beloved pets. The bellhops carry doggy treats on them at all times. If you don’t own a pet but have a soft spot for them, try the Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch where you can adopt a dog for a nice mountain hike. Don’t think going on vacation means having to forego quality time with our furry friends. We have dogs too and we know what it means to leave them at home!

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Mikaela said...

Too cute - you know SWA is letting pets fly now-

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