Friday, June 26, 2009

Twilight Baseball Vacation

Calling all Twilight fans: It's a little late, but if you're a serious fan, you can find a way to make the Twilight Fan Trip that starts on Monday as surely as Edward is cold and Jacob is hot. Included in the trip is a tour of Forks, La Push, the Quilete Tribal Nation and Seattle and Portland. You even get to have dinner at Bella Italia, where Edward told Bella the truth about being a vampire. The highlight of the trip is the July 4th Vampire Baseball day to benefit Make-A-Wish with the Portland Beavers where Victoria (aka Rachelle Lefevre) will throw out the first pitch. It looks like Peter Facinelli and Ashley Greene will be there, too. Wonder if they'll glow in the sun!

All this for $1599 per person. We would prefer a Sex And the City inspired Mexican trip, ourselves!

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