Monday, April 27, 2009

Sundara Spray Tan Review

Thanks to my Irish/German heritage, I try to embrace my paleness as part of my look. (Much like I try to pass off my lack of using an iron as "my style.") But after the summer-like weekend like the one we just had in NYC, I'm reminded of how good a tan--a fake one that is--can look. When done right, it gives a healthy glow that goes hand in hand with higher hemlines and summer's brighter colors, not to mention it does a decent job of covering up cellulite.

I stopped by the Sundara Airbrush Tanning salon in NYC to test out their much publicized services (Sundara has been featured in Allure, NYMag and on, just to name a few). The salon is smaller than I expected--it's strictly a one-at-a-time-kinda deal. As it turned out a very one-on-one-kinda deal--the receptionist doubled as the spray tan technician and I was given the option of leaving on my bikini or doing it in the buff. Anyone who knows me well knows which state of undress I opted for (Hint: Modesty is not my middle name).

The experience was mercifully quick, given that I was buck naked with a stranger and a spray gun. When she was done, I had to hang out in front of a fan for a few minutes to let the self tanner absorb. That's me, immediately afterwards:

The color was natural, even and the darkest I have been since I was 17 and laid out in my backyard in an effort to get a tan for prom. My boyfriend in particular loved the tan me. The only downside is that my skin was weirdly tough. It was like I had been shellacqued.

It lasted for about 5 days. It faded like most other faux tans--the color on the tops of me feet was the first to go.

I plan on visiting Sundara again before my trip to Mexico (that I hope will still happen!). Sundara is offering a 3 for $160 special if you book before the end of the month--a $35 savings!

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Erika said...

Annie your tan is FAB! And you're looking hot in your bikini :))

The Jet Set Girls said...

Aw, thanks, Erika! You're making me blush!

Jim said...

Wow! Your tan looks so natural. I can't "embrace" my paleness anymore either. I'm going to have to try it but probably with my bathing suit on. Looks good!

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