Friday, June 12, 2009

Jackson Hole: On Our Radar Jackson Hole at Half Price

If you are looking for a mini summer getaway, we think you might have just found it. For three days only Jackson Hole Resort Lodging is offering their entire inventory, from studios to rustic log homes, at half price for the summer. In order to receive the discount you must book between June 15-17, 2009. Some of the to-do’s of Jackson Hole are exploring the Grand Teton National Park and hiking their trails, riding the new Aerial Tram, hiking along the Teton Crest Trail, enjoying scenic views for lunch, and a bit of a night life. After a long day of outdoorsy activities, you can indulge at incredible spas and delicious meals. Added bonus: the guy to girl ratio is great. (Trust us, we know firsthand!)

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