Friday, June 5, 2009

Barbados - On Our Radar - Barbados

Barbados beach
We just got back from Grand Cayman on Tuesday, and the rainy, gray, cold weather that has taken over the East Coast has us suffering from the worst case of PVD (Post Vacation Depression) ever. You know what we're talking about--it's that sad state when you get back from a week or a few days spent on a gorgeous beach, sipping banana daiquiris for breakfast and nights spent giggling with your girlfriends only to face an inbox with 473 unopened emails, a pile of laundry and grumpy S.O.'s.

The only cure we've found to date? Take another trip, pronto. So when Annie was invited at the last minute on a trip to Barbados, courtesy of the Barbados Tourism Board, she didn't think twice before saying yes.

Barbados has been on our radar for a while. We're attracted to it's 70 miles of beach coastline, weather so perfect that it's guaranteed (should it happen to rain while you're there, you'll get $100 a day back); and history and culture. It's the only country George Washington visited--he vacationed there with his brother in 1751. Considering we grew up in the same county in Virginia that George called home, we're always comfortable when we know he gave his seal of approval to a place. As for culture, rum was invented here and cricket and polo are played on the island.

Mango Bay Barbados

We'll be staying at Mango Bay, a 76-room resort in the center of St. James. After spending last week at the lovely, yet large 365-room Ritz Carlton in Grand Cayman, a boutique hotel holds extra appeal.

Jet Blue starts service to Barbados in the fall from JFK--to celebrate the new route, it's offering $99 one way tickets (works out to $280 roundtrip with taxes) if you book between now and June 17 on flights from October 1 to November 14.

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