Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Product Review - L'Oreal Paris's Newest Cosmetic Launch

We have been using L’Oreal Paris’s new Hip Color Presso Lip Gloss and Hip Kohl Eyeliner for the past few days. Here is what we think:

The lip gloss is great. It comes in a little, portable applicator with two colors. You squeeze one or both tubes in order to get your desired color. The gloss is not at all sticky, and the color combinations work well together if you decide to wear both at once. It adds a perfect amount of gloss and shine while smelling delicious.

The eyeliner is very chalky and does not adhere to the skin well. After applying it, we had to wipe away little particles which smudged all over. This is very bad if you are in a rush to do your makeup. Plus, the black comes out grayish, which does not translate to eyes that pop.

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