Friday, June 19, 2009

The Hangover in Vegas

We're equal opportunity here at JSG--we appreciate the value of a good guys' trip as much as we cherish our girls' getaways. We want our men to go out and bond with the boys, get stupid drunk and play black jack til 5 in the morning. We don't even ask how many lap dances they got.

Of course we're pretty sure they've never gotten into as much trouble as the guys did in The Hangover, a hysterical, over the top recount of a bachelor party gone bad in Vegas. The movie was a little slow getting started, but once it got rolling, it was pee-in-your-pants funny. The photos at the end are by far the best part, so be sure to stay for all the credits.

Last time we went to Vegas, we stayed at Caesar's Palace, where The Hangover was filmed. Next time we go, we're upgrading to a villa for sure--just like the guys in the movie. And next time may come earlier if we win the Hangover Sin City Giveaway, courtesy of Harrah's. It includes a two-night trip for four to Caesar's, roundtrip airfare and a $500 food credit (We recommend using that puppy at Rao's for meatballs). Enter to win the Hangover Sin City giveaway yourself!

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