Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Virgin America Keeps on Getting Better

Virgin America just announced their Go Sale with the lowest fares we've about ever seen. The cross country trip from NYC to L.A. is a mere $240 (we've made that trek frequently over the past decade and can tell you we've NEVER scored a ticket for less than $300). NYC to Vegas goes for the same. We know you're wondering what the catch is. Well, you have to travel on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, there's a reasonable 3-day advance purchase, and travel must occur between April 14 and June 1o or August 25 and October 14. Oh, and tickets must be purchased before April 20. Looks like that West Hollywood trip is back on.

In addition, nearly half of Virgin America flights offer WiFi, with plans in place to offer it on all its flights by the second half of the year. We're on the fence about the bennies of WiFi when flying--we enjoy being disconnected for a few hours--but our friends who travel for work sure seem to like it. We're more likely to take advantage of their wide selection of movies. VA's Red is currently showing Slumdog Millionaire, Doubt, The Dark Knight and Tropic Thunder, to name a few, so you'll never get stuck watching Nim's Island again!

Which airline do you like better: Jet Blue or VA? Share your opinion on our message boards!

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BritishBeautyBlogger said...

I just came back from Las Vegas where we had the best flights with VA...cabin crew were fabulous; especially when I had a very un-beautiful turbulance related freak out; they were just cheerful, helpful and kind through the whole tedious 11 hour flight. I'd fly Virgin every time if I could.

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