Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mexico Travel Safety

We're counting down the days tip our trip to Cancun at the end of May (38!) when we'll be staying at the Ritz Carlton, shown above. However, when we tell our friends we're headed south of the border, they all express concern about the safety of travel to Mexico. We assure them that resort towns, like Cancun are safe and now we've got more proof. Not only did our friend Julia recently get back from Playa del Carmen (south of Cancun) and reportedly wanted to stay longer, FunJet has handily compiled a list of fact and fiction about the safety of traveling to Mexico. It also links to recent stories in the press, including an article in the WSJ that says as long as you stick with resort towns like Cancun and Cabo and behave smartly, you're likely to stay out of harm's way. The risk of doing too many tequila shots or getting sunburned is another story.

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