Thursday, April 2, 2009

Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons

We love the idea behind the new Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons--it's supposed to give you an all over glow when you use it. We love anything that saves us time and help erase our pasty winter sheen. Unfortunately, the wash doesn't deliver on its promise of adding any noticeable shimmer. Maybe we're too pale?

On the upside--it smells incredible. Our SO used it the other day and he smelled so good we asked him which of the many body washes in our shower he used. The Olay Body Wash is also wonderfully hydrating. Here's hoping in version 2.0 it's a little sparklier.


Butterflydiary said...

I agree, this one is all hype and marketing, but it does smell wonderful. Olay has had a banner year so far.

Anonymous said...

This is my favourite body wash, my skin shimmers after I use it. I have a caramel skin tone, so it really helps. It really does deliever its promise with the Tone enriching minerals, because my skin looks great!

Stephanie said...

If minerals meant glitter, why don't we see glitter in our drinking water? Anyways, this body wash is probably, in my opinion, the worst in the whole Olay Body Ribbons Body Wash Collection. The others are very thick and creamy and this one, wasn't as much. The scent, is very similar to Herbal Essences' Hello Hydration which is very pleasureable. Eh, overall, it's pretty good. I really like the shimmer though, it doesn't look fake as if I glued glitter onto myself and gives my skin a nice glow. I would recommend this product to someone I know.

Anonymous said...

I absolutly love this product i bought it when i moved to california and i will continue to buy it for a long time i love the light shimmer that it gives me, its not to much but not to little at the same time. It smells great and the scent lasts a while too.

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