Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day 2009 Restaurant Specials

Work in D.C. and still agonizing about your taxes due today? We feel your pain since we had a hefty check to pay this year that we just mailed off.

The restaurant Zola located in Penn Quarter is offering specials in its bar today: not only is there a fixed priced tax-free lunch and dinner and a specialty IRS Rasberry cocktail (a tempting mix of bourbon, lime, Steaz raspberry and green tea soda); but tax prep advise. If that's not enough, they'll provide your IRS forms, calculators, pencils, and envelopes. They'll even mail your forms for you if you finish by 11:00 p.m.

Already finished your taxes (you showoff!), why not head to Robert Wiedmaier's newest restaurant BRABO located in Alexandria, Va. adjacent to the new Hotel Lorien and enjoy your lunch or dinner tax free? BRABO has a Belgian inspired menu with five onion soup, roast beef and havarti sandwiches with Belgian frites, wild mushroom fois gras ravioli and Belgian waffles (when we visited they sent us home with a waffle dipped in dark chocolate- totally decadent!).

Do you know of a hot spot near you offering to ease the pain of Tax Day? We'd love you to share!

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