Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Peek Inside Honor Brodie's Carry On Bag

The other day, we were delighted to visit the Tory Burch offices for the second time this month. We're still working on our plot to move into the stunning mango and raspberry offices, until then, we're going to keep on coming up with excuses to visit.

On top of having gorgeous offices, Tory employs the nicest people. We convinced Honor Brodie, the editor-in-chief of Tory's Style Guide to let us look in her carry on bag. This was a special thrill for us, as Honor conceived of the idea of peeking in people's bags back when she worked at InStyle and wrote the "What's in Your Bag" column. That's Honor above, when she made a special guest appearance on this season's Gossip Girl. Here's what Honor travels with:

Tory Burch Matthais Weekender Bag
Tory Burch bag

a D. Porthault makeup bag filled with Nars Laguna bronzer and Maldives highlighter stick, which Honor uses on the apples of her cheeks

Essie Pink Glove Service,

A Mason Pearson brush, Goody pony tail holders and Cherry Chapstick round out her bag.

T Anthony brag book filled with photos of my son Nicholas (JSG Note: We saw the photos. He is a delicious little budding J. Crew model.)

Handheld Tetris from Hammacher Schlemmer. Honor plays it so much she fesses to dreaming in Tetris. She also has a Blackberry Pearl and Cyber Shot digital camera.

Honor always borrow her hubby's Paul Stuart cashmere socks for the plane ride:

She travels with a Tory Burch cardi, similar to this one, for the inevitably chilly plane:

A whole pile of magazines, so she can get caught up. Faves include: In Style, Vogue, People, Allure, Elle, Bazaar, Grazia, New York, The New Yorker, and Elle Decor.

Honor raved about Happens Everyday by Isabel Gillies, the true story of a jilted woman.

For snacks, Honor likes Diet Sunkist, Balance Bars, Big Red, Jolly Ranchers and always has Gold Fish when son Nicholas is traveling with her.

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