Thursday, April 9, 2009

Detox Cookies

When this one landed in our inbox, it made us wonder if "detox" means something different to the French. This "Detox Macaron" is a far cry from the American version of detoxing, like our recent juice fast, and sounds almost too good to be true. Served at the Hotel Le Meurice during tea throughout the summer, the Detox Macaron is a green tea cookie with pink grapefruit filling. According to the release, the green tea stimulate kidneys and acts as a diuretic, while the grapefruit has Vitamin C to fight free radicals. We're not asking anymore questions--that's enough to convince us! Next time we want to detox, we're headed to Paris.

1 comment:

CCakaJapan said...

Wonder what it tastes like...hmmm...

interesting though!

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