Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dea Bella Lash Conditioner

From JSG's Hope: Two months ago I received a tube of Dea Bella Lash Conditioner which promises longer, thicker lashes within two to eight weeks of use. Dea Bella can also be used on eyebrows- for you over eager pluckers. It took a few days for me to get used to using this each night (from someone who can't remember a daily vitamin); but I found putting it next to my toothbrush was about all the reminder I needed. Plus, I've always wanted fuller thicker lashes, and that too was motivation to use it regularly. At JSG, we are quick to recommend false lashes, especially individual lashes as a great way to make your eyes pop, look bigger and stand out. But if you could find something to make your own lashes stand out, wouldn't that be better?

While the directions warn that you may feel some slight stinging, it wasn't an issue for me every time. You're not supposed to get it in your eye, which is a little daunting since you apply it to the base of your lashes. Twice it seeped onto my eye and that burned a little; but I'm not blind so here's hoping I didn't do any permanent damage. I was careful to concentrate on the area in the corner of my eye. Whether I pulled those lashes out by rubbing my eyes or they came out when I tried to remove my falsies, I don't know; but the area there was sparse.

After two months, I can say that the lashes in the corners have filled in. They aren't as thick as the rest of my lashes, because those areas have thickened themselves. I'm impressed with difference in length and the growth overall, and especially in the corners. The effects weren't dramatic enough that I've given up mascara, though when I use mascara, my lashes are noticeably more prominent.

To find out more information or to purchase Dea Bella, visit their site. This product is an investment at $150; but Dea Bella offers a money back guarantee, which is a first for us with luxury beauty products.

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Prisca said...

I've been using Dea Bella for about two months now, and my lashes too, are dramatically noticeable. I stopped applying it daily, but reduced it to once a week because they are already very long now.

About Dea Bella going in your eye: they say to use a thin application, and that will refrain it from seepin into your eyes. Just FYI. :)

Dea Bella > false lashes!

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of the Dea Bella product. I used the product for months. I thought that maybe my lashes were getting better. But, after seeing my sister's lashes, she uses latisse, there is NO comparision. Her lashes were amazing, extremely long and thick, at first I thought they were fake. I tried returning the product, but Dea Bella would not accept the return after 2 months. I would NOT recommend this! There are wayyy better products for a much better price.

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