Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Best Little Black Dress Ever

Black halo dressWe've finally had time to sit down and start reading those fall fashion mags (finishing them is another story--we still have about 2,000 pages to go through!). All the ones we've read so far keep touting the LBD as the look of the season (as if it ever went out of style!). And for good reason--it looks good in every setting, in every city.

We'll let you in on a little secret--the LBD that looks amazing on everyone, we swear! What is it? The Jackie O dress from Black Halo. It has been around for a few seasons, but the classic dress is still being made, if that tells you anything.

Something about the fabric (5% spandex), the cap sleeves, the belted waist and slit up the back makes it a universal winner. Not to mention the juxtaposition of a 1940's classic with a modern asymmetrical neckline.

We've had ours for close to a year and have only worn it twice. We've come to think of it as our "lucky" dress and don't want the charm to wear off.

It's a celeb fave, seen here on Jenny McCarthy, Kelly Ripa and Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz, proving that it does look good on a number of body types from busty Jenny to tiny Kelly to hourglass Ana.

Just be warned: if you put this on, be prepared to cause a commotion when you walk down the block. It's that sexy! Available at edressme.com.


carolyn said...

i love this dress. i saw that you wore it to LV breakfast. I'm thinking of getting it in white as I have so many black dresses already. Do you think it would look good in white?

The Jet Set Girls said...

Thanks, Carolyn! On you, it would look good in white! I've also seen it in baby blue--though that's better for spring/summer.

Carolyn said...

thanks! i'll go try it out at Saks next week. btw, I am on Day 6 of the Master Cleanse! That Ben sure did inspire me. Hopefully by Day 10, I'll have the figure to pull this off :-p (in white, nonetheless)

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