Monday, August 25, 2008

Review Part 3: Obaji ZO Skin Health

We're set to embark on week 4 of our try out of the new Obaji ZO Skin Health, and...we're starting to see results. The biggest plus is that our brown spots are noticeably fading. (We have 2 on our temple and one near our jaw line.) This is a great improvement for us--we've been considering pricey laser treatments and are thrilled to see them fade. Our skin continues to be as soft as it was in week one. The flaking and breakouts we experienced early on have subsided as well.

What is the jury still out on? Well, our skin tone is still a little reddish (we're Irish/German and have that tendency). And we haven't noticed any improvement in our fine lines.

Our biggest complaint? We do miss a cream moisturizer. The Obaji program includes a gel. We first longed for something thicker after our trip to the beach and that desire for something rich hasn't subsided. There's something so soothing about massaging a luxurious moisturizer into our face and neck before bedtime. Perhaps Obaji could include a complimentary moisturizer. It would help too to have it on those occasions when our skin feels thirsty.

We'll be testing this out for at least one more week, so be sure to check back for updates.


Anonymous said...

The redness you’re still experiencing is your skin acclimating to the retinol in the Ossential Radical Night Repair as well as greater activity from other products you are using. A high concentration of retinol like the 1.0% in the Radical Night Repair not only stimulates repair and collagen building, it enhances the benefit from vitamin C (collagen building and photoprotectant), peptides and growth factors (elasticity and cellular function), and anti-oxidants (vitamin E and melanin). All of these important ingredients for skin health are found in the products in the Jump Start Kit with the Radical Night Repair.

All of this activity can be a big change for skin to handle, especially if you have fair skin and are prone to a bit of flushing. The great news is, the redness is a sign that the products are working. They are energizing your skin to bring about change. It may take you a little bit longer to acclimate to the activity, but the results will be worth it as your skin starts behaving younger.

I’m looking forward to reading your next report on your experience with the ZO Skin Health Jump Start Kit. If you have any questions I can help with, please let me know.

Best regards,

Justin Morgan
Vice President – Development
ZO Skin Health, Inc.

joanne said...

I've been using the ZO Skin Health Jump Start Kit for a week now. For someone with slightly oily skin, I acutally like the gel moisturizer and the matte finish of the SPF product.

I haven't experienced any redness or flaking, but I have been using retinol products, so my skin may have built up a tolerance. I'm looking forward to continuing using the kit and seeing results soon.

One item I would like to see added would be an eye cream without retinol. I'm using this product under my eyes, but my eyelids are very sensitive and retinol irriates them.

joanne said...

I've been using the ZO Skin Health Jump Start Kit for about a week with good results. I haven't experinced any redness, but I have been using retinol products so I may have built up a tolerance. I like the fact that the line is non-greasy (I have oily skin) and they leave my face with a nice matte finish. I'm hoping to see great results after a few weeks. One item I am missing is an eye cream without retinol. I've been putting the new products under my eyes, but my eyelids are too sensitive for retinol.

npohl said...

I too, have the starter Kit and can I just say how much I love the exfoliating cleanser!! It makes my skin feel so clean and soft and it doesn't leave a residue. I loved it so much that I ended up getting the Larger bottle and boy am I glad I did ... It has lasted 3 mos. and my husband even loves it, and he is a hard sell!!

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