Thursday, August 7, 2008

Turquoise Jewelry for Summer

Each summer our turquoise jewelry peaks out of our jewelry box with that "hey, remember me?" look. It's a beautiful color against sun-kissed skin and goes with an amazing array of colors: black and white are obvious, but turquoise also complements brown, dark red, yellow, and navy. Back in the day we designed our own jewelry with a heavy lean toward this semi-precious stone, especially when paired with orange carnelians, red rubies, and smoky topaz. Our go-to accent in summer is an old chunky turquoise choker that we double wrap as a bracelet. One day we'll pick up our supplies and twist some wire. Until then, we're looking for inspiration and Wendy Mink's turquoise drop earrings just might do the trick.

Remember, new jewelry pieces are an excellent way to freshen up your travel wear without weighing down your carry on, and turquoise puts us in the mood for sun and sand. At $28 these earrings are a steal. You can find more Wendy Mink designs available at Barneys Coop.

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