Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stila's Cherry Crush

For years we've kept Stila's convertible color in poppy in our bag. It quickly brightens up your cheeks and lips and wakes up a tired face mid-day (or at the end of a long flight). In fact, we intended to pick up a replacement when we stumbled upon the new cherry crush lip and cheek stain. It too has that marvelous double personality. The application is slightly less messy (at least for your lips you can use the brush alone). It contains cherry and pomegranate extracts and has a sweet scent and slight taste as well, both are pleasant. The results: sheer and bright on the apples of our cheeks and similar finish on our lips. We use a gloss over the lip stain since the finish is a bit dry. (Stila recommends using the cherry mint plumping lip glaze, we used Kiehl's Lip Balm #1.) Want to finish the look? Wear liquid black liner in your upper lid only and a healthy amount of black mascara.

Free shipping at Stila on any order that contains Cherry Crush with the code: CHERRYCRUSH.

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