Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall Shoe Shopping

Nanette Lepore
This is the time of year when we start our fall online window shopping--where we look for items online, usually after 11 at night, that inspire us to mosey on down to the actual store during normal hours. (We've learned the hard way that if we're doing this with a glass of wine in hand, we better be shopping somewhere that accepts returns!)

One item on our list for fall is new knee-high black boots. We stumbled across the above Nanette Lepore shoes (Did you know she designs shoes? We didn't!) These obviously don't fit the bill, but caught our attention, nonetheless. We kinda dig how they feel like a natural extension of this summer's gladiators paired with some granny chic. We see these working with a plaid school girl skirt, anything from L.A.M.B. or a pair of wool shorts and tights. Plus they're called, "Nearly Naked Cut Out Booties", which makes us giggle. Then again, maybe it's the pinot grigio!

Available at Saks.

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Mikaela said...

Tell me about wanting new tall boots. Watching re-runs of the Facts of Life, my favourite 'original rich bitch' Blair Warner is always rocking the most awesome tall, round toe with a high heel boots... gorgeous & very equestrian. I get a serious case of boot envy watching - not to mention her clothes. I swear she's my kindered spirit!

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