Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Louis Vuitton Monogram Rubis Tote

Our sister-in-law came for a visit toting this wow bag from LV. The Monogram Rubis is from the 08 Cruise Collection and was inspired by Marc Jacobs. The patent red weave is so bright and fresh, it's seasonless, and quite striking against the basic monogram. Jen says she can't walk through the airport with at least one person stopping to ask her where she got it. We loved the size (it's huge) with plenty of room for a throw, a book, a cosmetic case, a laptop and basically everything else you bring on board. It may be on the heavy side, but Jen says it's worth the convenience of having extra space not to mention it's cool to carry a bag that everyone envies! She found hers at Neiman's Louis Vuitton salon. Unfortunately, when we were searching for it on line we found some "replicas" (ewh!) so be careful if you're interested in getting one for yourself.

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