Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Peek Inside Hope's Carry On Bag

Last week Annie showed you what's inside her carry on, now it's Hope's turn. Tomorrow we're leaving for San Francisco (and though she hasn't started packing yet), here's what will be in Hope's carry on:

A trip to Sephora is always in order before a girls' trip. We picked up the Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser in the handy 2 oz. travel size. Since our flight leaves at 7 a.m. (why do we do this to ourselves!) we won't have time to coif before leaving and by the time we land our hair will need some pick up. The TSA website says aerosols are permitted in limited quantities for personal care. We'll let you know if it doesn't get through security.The new Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette: thanks to Julia at All About the Pretty for the heads up on this one. We love a good makeup set especially for travel and the Mauve Face Palette has 3 great eye colors, a blush, and 3 lip shades. Sorry, but we're not waiting until fall to use it!

Something groovy, like John Legend, for the iPod to relax.

Easy reading: especially love to scour shopping mags like Lucky and In Style, and the latest Travel and Leisure (of course), plus a stack of catalogs are fun, even if they're heavy to carry on the plane they can be tossed before getting off.

A Blackberry (off line): to go through all those emails you've been meaning to read and respond to but haven't had the time. Also, use it to jot down ideas that otherwise end up lost on scraps of paper at the bottom of your purse.

Put it all in this eco-friendly Stella McCartney for LeSportsac Bowling Bag (at the top): love the retro orange and brown with gold hardware. It's 50% off at

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Anonymous said...

John Legend was awesome at the DNC last night! Fave of mine too!

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