Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pull Yourself Together, Girl!

We all love to feel put together on our girls' getaways and a big part of that is our makeup. Since we rarely have our makeup done by a professional, we're on our own most of the time. One way to insure you get the best combination of eye, cheek and even lip colors is to use a palette pre-assembled by your favorite make-up line. They're great to keep in your purse and fit easliy into your carry on. They're also small enough to fit in your evening bag. Bobbi Brown and Stila come out with new palettes for each season; but most companies have gorgeous ones out now for the holidays. While Chanel starts in the $80 dollar range, you can find Benefit palettes for $28.

These make great holiday gifts! JSG loves to give and receive them. For travelers like us these are totally packable.

The "I Love Dior" set pictured has as much as any palette we've seen including bronzing powder, 6 eye shadows, lip gloss, and a JSG favorite Diorshow mascara. Click here to purchase on line.

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