Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Musts for Checking In

We can’t wait to get to San Fran for BlogHer and check into our hotel, the Westin St. Francis. We’ve stayed there before and know it’s a pretty fab hotel with a killer location, but we know from experience there are a few things we must do when checking in.

First off: Get extra keys made—at least 2 per girl. When you’re rushing out the door, late for your 8:30 dinner ressie this will prove unbelievably handy. Those key cards are also notoriously easy to deactivate, so this saves you from having to traipse back to reception for a new key. Next, double check everyone's name is on the reservation. There was a time in Miami when one of us couldn't get in the room because she didn't have a key or her name on the reservation.

If we’re not in a rush, we always let the bell hop help us with our bags. He knows the inside scoop on the hotel (i.e. if the bar is worth going to, if there are celebs under the same roof). Equally valuable, he knows the layout of your room, including the all important secret to adjusting the thermostat, which we inevitably need to know when we’re burrowed under the covers at 3 am in a 65 degree room. Always let him get you ice—unlimited ice is one of our small loves about hotel life. And don’t forget to tip—the old standard is $1-$2 per bag.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to your room? We hope you didn’t say unpack, because you’ll want to scope it out first and decide if you really want to be in that room for the weekend, week, whatever. Do you like the view? Can you hear the elevator? Is the room down a long dark hallway? Even if you think the problem is minor and will only bother you a little, request a room change immediately. Trust us on this one. The “minor” problem will be multiplied by 60,000 by day two. Call down and politely describe the problem and request a room change. If the hotel is booked, and you’re stuck where you are, ask for a discount. This is what we did on our trip to the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne. Our “Ocean View” room had a view of a black asphalt parking lot. With one phone call, management agreed to cut our rate—in half! Turns out we didn’t hate the view that much.

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Love the tip about the keys!

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