Monday, July 21, 2008

Ojon Rub Out Dry Cleanser

We gave the Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser a run this weekend and we were impressed how effective it was. This helped our blow out last that we had done before leaving for our trip and it was a hit with both members of JSG. Add this to our secrets for making a blowout last.

Here's how we used it: flip your head over and spray the Ojon towards your roots (it's totally cool and refreshing), then use your fingers to massage it into your scalp, next flip your head back and brush it through. Afterwards, your hair will have more body than before, no greasy shine, and will smell fresh too. You can find Ojon products at Sephora.


Leah J Light said...

Did the carry on version actually make it through security?
Love the blog!

Leah J Light said...

Okay, I have a challenge for you. Every time I fly, I take my dog, Lulu (Toy poodle/bischon) with me. This counts as 1 personal item (even though its $100.00 each way). I would like to be able to not check any bags when I fly home for Christmas this year. What do you feel is the best bag setup for me? I like my products and organization and to be airline approved. Oh and lets not forget Lulu and I must be cutie patooie :)

The Jet Set Girls said...

We love a challenge! We don't travel with pooches so we need to do some research and come up with something cute for you and Lulu! Thanks for reading!
Happy Travels,
Anne & Hope

The Jet Set Girls said...

And yes, the small size went through security!

Leah J Light said...

Excellent and thanks! I am a firm believer in Ojon. I made sure to get one of their travel sized sets from Sephora. I cant imagine going anywhere without it.

Karen and Shari said...

We love Ojon!!

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