Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prevent Pre-Travel Breakouts

Between packing, squeezing in a pre-trip beauty routine of spray tanning, waxing and mani/pedis, making sure our hubby knows where and when the kids have to be at swim practice, lacrosse, etc., and actually getting to the airport, pre-trip breakouts are almost inevitable for us. With a trip to San Fran coming up next week, we decided, this time around, we’re going to be pro-active and try to put an end to traveler’s acne.

We checked in with Elena Arboleda, Head Aesthetician and Salon Manager at Mario Badescu Skin Care, for her advice.

For Oily Skin:

Lift dirt and oil, detoxify and tighten pores with a deep cleansing mask like Mario Badescu’s Orange Tonic Mask three times during the week leading up to the trip.

Also in the week leading up to the trip apply a thin layer of Mario Badescu’s Anti Acne Serum before moisturizer in the evening. The Anti Acne Serum is unique in that hydrates while fighting and preventing breakouts with salicylic acid. (NOTE: JSG LOVE this product. Our skin is on the dry side, yet this is gentle enough even for us.)

In Flight:

During the flight again apply the Anti Acne Serum followed by Herbal Hydrating Serum. The Herbal Hydrating Serum is formulated without oils but will hydrate and soften skin. This may also be used on cuticles during the flight to prevent them from drying out and splitting during your trip.

For Dry skin not prone to breakouts:

Make sure to use a hydrating mask during the week before your flight. Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Revitalizing mask is great because besides hydrating it also contains antioxidants and dissolves dead skin cells that can lead to the dull complexion that is common to frequent fliers.

Mario Badescu has this classic formulation which is officially called Hydro Emollient Cream but is just as well known as the “In Flight Cream.” It was formulated specifically for the needs of frequent fliers and got its nickname from all of the flight attendants that would come in to pick it up while they were in New York. The cream is very rich and contains seaweed, which is an anti-inflammatory, collagen and antioxidants to help protect the skin. This one is also great as a hand and cuticle cream while in flight.

Thanks, Elena! We’ll let you know how it goes! All products are available at

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