Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dual Shower Head at the Westin

Given that we're about to become first time home owners, we're paying more attention to all those little details in a hotel room that we used to overlook, like the Westin Heavenly Shower Head. We've experienced all kinds of showers--spa showers that shoot at you from all sides (we plan on installing one in our dream home); overhead rain showers (soothing, but a bitch for keeping your blowout safe) and outdoor showers (a must for our dream beach house). We liked this dual shower head so much because it hits your upper and lower body at the same time, which really keeps you warm, especially important in San Francisco in July! You can buy the shower head online, along with the famous Westin Bed.


Mikaela said...

You know what I want in my deram house someday (besides multi-head shower faucets)?
A mini-fridge concealed in the bathroom cupboards! I like to keep some of my products in there, but hate running back and forth to the kitchen... A girl can dream.

shower head said...

I have never come across one of those 'double' shower heads before, but that is a great idea.

Must give that a try.


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