Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bobbi Brown Makeover in San Francisco

JSG's Anne and Hope love to get their makeup done while on vacation- especially if it's as convenient as the Saks was, next door to our hotel in Union Square. Convincing ShallowGal to come along was another thing. She hemmed and hawed and wouldn't get out of bed until the very last minute. (Peer pressure works wonders!) When all was said and done, she looked awesome, see for yourself that's her on the right.

We were fortunate to get three appointments together before the BlogHer party on Saturday night. The lovely Dominique at the Bobbi Brown counter at Saks kept us laughing the whole time. Hope bought the new Heather Mauve lipstick for fall (works awesome with her new Mauve Face Palette) and Anne bought the lip gloss in Buff. Amy went home with gel liner in Mahogany Ink. All products are available on Bobbi Brown's website.

Click here to see a video of Bobbi discussing her new mauve collection.


perfumed said...

you guys all look beautiful!!

Me said...

Man, I wish I would've thought of that while I was in San Francisco! You ladies look awesome!

ShallowGal said...

When I die, I want that picture cropped and used in my obituary. Thanks for making me go !

xoxo, SG

Anonymous said...

Wow you all look amazing! I just had a BB makeover yesterday and totally fell in love with the mauve palette and had to buy it...pure pressure you know. Also the pot rouge in powder pink was something i had to get. definatly a treat!

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