Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Secret to Making Blowouts Last

We love to get blowouts before our weekends away—as any woman well knows, once your hair looks hot, getting ready is a quick makeup application and cute dress away (sometimes easier said than done, but that’s for another post). The hard part is getting the blowout to last all weekend long--though days at the pool or beach and nights dancing. Corinna, a stylist at one of our favorite salons--the AKS Salon in New York shared her trick—it really works!
Before getting in the shower, roll the top part of your hair in three medium-sized Velcro rollers from the front back and put on the shower cap that the hotel so kindly provided you with. The steam will actually be your friend and work to revive your hairstyle. Put on your makeup, spritz with spray before unrolling and you’re GTG. Thanks, Corinna!

Got your own secret to making a blowout last? We want to know!

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Amanda Bennett said...

The Ojon Rubout spray will make a blow out last for days! I actually prefer my hair the days I don't wash it and use the Rubout spray!

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