Monday, May 3, 2010

A Peek Inside Beauty Blogging Junkie's Carry On Bag

Amber Katz of Beauty Blogging Junkie is one of our blogging buddies from way back when our traffic consisted of our parents and closest friends. Amber not only knows all the hottest products, she cracks us up with her reviews. That's Amber (right) with one of our other all time fave beauty bloggers, Julia. We had to know what's in her carry on!

My carry on is the Mark Carlos Falchi for Mark Take Me To Rio Bag. It's metallic, roomy, full of inner and outer pockets and is precisely what Blanche Deveraux would carry on herself. For these reasons, it's my new carry-on go-to. And it's only $40. Get involved.
Mark Carlos Falchi for Mark Take Me To Rio Bag

A Muji notebook and pen
I'm constantly scribbling down writing ideas or texting them to myself.

Muji notebook

A big fat Pashmina
After a particularly bone-chilling experience in the exit row en route to Israel (it sounded like a good seat, right? Who knew I'd freeze!), I always make sure to bring my own blanket alternative. And I wear cashmere socks, because my feet are always freezing.
(That's the White + Warren pashmina below.)

white and warren wrap

Shobha Hand Sanitizer
I use it constantly on planes on my hands, but also to spray into the air to kill airborne germs. Ick.

Donna Karan Cashmere Eye Mask
Air travel is a time for luxury!

Orbit Peppermint Gum
I'm never without it and I make sure I buy a three-pack if I'm going to be away on vacation in a potentially Orbit-free civilization.
orbit peppermint gum

Chanel Hydramax + Precision Nutrition Lip Balm
I rock this little gem on my eyes and lips to ensure moisture in dehydrating plane air.

Tokyomilk Solid Perfume in Satsuma
It's a crisp tangerine scent that's subtle and will get you through TSA security lines in a flash.
Tokyomilk Solid Perfume in Satsuma

Goody Spin Pin
It's just as easy to use as a standard hair-tie, but looks eons more chic.
goody Spin pin

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