Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ralph Lauren Love Solid Perfume

The Jet Set Girls aren't perfume aficionados; but we know when we find a scent we can wear. Love by Ralph Lauren has been around for a couple of years; but is available now as the perfect travel companion, a small pocket-sized solid compact. To ramp up the lux factor, it has an 18k gold-plated, engraveable case with a Swarovski crystal closure.  None of the packaging would matter, however, if the scent itself weren't beautiful.  Love is similar to many of Ralph Lauren's fragrances in that it is universally flattering (smells good on most people) but it's not striking or intrusive.  The first thing we noticed about Love is the musky amber notes and then the rose.  You could easily wear this to work but we're happy we can carry this on the plane!

Love is available exclusively at Saks NYC for $125.
This review was based on a sample.

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