Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vintage Shopping Online

We've never been huge into vintage shopping, something about flipping through endless racks to find a jewel in the rough has always turned us off. But after decorating our apartment, we've grown to appreciate the flea market or Craiglist find. Not only can you get something in perfectly good condition that's one of a kind (or at least rare), you're saving money and doing something good for the environment, too.

If you don't live in a city with good vintage shopping, that doesn't mean you're SOL. Try looking around online. eBay is a no brainer. At Vintage Vixen, you'll find clothing sorted by style and designer, like this Diane Von Furstenberg dress from the 1970s for $125.

We also like Rusty Zipper. With its categories like Disco Dresses, 1980 Dresses and Hawaiian dresses, it's like walking through a fashion museum. You may have to click around a lot to find something you wouldn't be caught dead in, like this $26 dress from "Totally 80s" collectin but it's sure a lot easier doing it from the comfort of your own laptop than in a moth-ball scented store!

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