Monday, August 3, 2009

Quicksilver and The Standard Hotels

standard hotel bikini

Ever get to a hotel and realize you forgot to pack your bikini? If you're staying at a Standard Hotel, you won't even have to hit the mall to rectify the situation. The hotel is now partnering with Quicksilver to feature vending machines at their hotels with this sleek black bikini for $85. Should you be traveling with your S.O., the machines will also feature a reissue of four Quicksilver board shorts with designs from the 70's and 80's.

bikini vending machine

We're a bit envious that the guys get a cool packable pouch with their suit and city tips sewn into the waist band of the suits. Beats being made fun of by the other kids for having your name and phone number sewn in! Downtown LA list 5 under the radar art spaces, WeHo has 5 independent music venues, Miami gives suggestions for Cuban and NYC tells you where you can find modern watering holes around the city as the hotel doesn't have a pool. Guess the bikinis are too small for all that info!

standard quicksilver

The swimwear vending machines launch this Friday at the Standard Downtown L.A. Not staying at a Standard anytime soon? The suits are also available online. But get yours fast, only 250 of each limited edition style were made!

Standard downtown l.a.

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