Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bachelorette Party Ideas: 3. Paradise Tower Hard Rock Las Vegas

Paradise Tower
is the latest addition to the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas. It opened on Friday (July 31st) a whopping 2 months ahead of schedule. When does that happen? We take it as a sign that Vegas' ailing economy might be taking a turn for the better.

What we like about the Paradise Tower: it's sexy and sophisticated. It injected the youthful, hedonistic Hard Rock with luxurious furnishings and an upscale aesthetic. Paradise Towers has some of the best views of the Strip in Vegas and Nobu is downstairs.

What we're not crazy about: the Hard Rock isn't in walking distance from much, except maybe the CVS or the Hofbrauhaus; and the pool scene is still way too Spring Break for anyone who's not on Spring Break.

If we stay at the Paradise Tower, we'd try to coordinate it with one of Hard Rock's great shows like Kings of Leon on August 19th or The Bravery on September 18th.

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Hard Rock Paradise Tower Mountain View said...

The paradise tower isn't too bad of a deal and the hotel is not as expensive as the others that are on the strip. If you are into the younger crowd than this is a perfect choice to look into.

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