Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bridal Hair Stylist

We know plenty of ladies who are getting engaged or are soon to be married and wanted to share a little wedding secret with you (feel free to pass it on too!) We have discovered an amazing hair stylist, cut and colorist. She does everything and she is wrapped up in a tiny, beautiful, and artistic female, Stacy Pitt. She is the owner of Styles On B Hair, located in the East Village. Although she does do cut and color, her speciality is weddings and wedding parties. Her rates run from $150-$1150 depending on the package. She does weddings, shoots, events, trials and styling. She will come to the location of the wedding and do everyone and anyone you ask her to do - even the groom! Believe it or not, a lot of grooms ask for a quick styling before they walk down the aisle.

We recently used her for a hair trial before we too walk down the aisle as part of a bridal party. Not only was she quick and so easy to work with, but she is extremely calming, which is super important on the wedding day! She is honest and gives you plenty of options, then takes pictures and sends them to you for you to decide exactly how you want your hair to look. We highly recommend her, because no matter what your hair looks like before Stacy uses her magic touch, it will look stunning afterward.

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Sarah said...

Oh I love Stacy! She's such a pleasure to work with and she does a great job! I wish my wedding was in the city so she could do my hair.

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