Thursday, October 18, 2007

Packing for Your Girls' Getaway

We laughed at our friend Heidi on our recent Vegas trip because she packed a second suitcase just for her shoes! She brought--count ‘em--18 pairs. Yup! And guess how many she wore in 3 days? Four, if we count her flip flops.

Shoes are heavy, awkwardly shaped, which makes them hard to pack, and, as Heidi learned the hard way, you don’t really need that many pairs. JSG suggests planning your outfits around 2 or 3 pair of shoes—generally a cute pair of sandals you can walk in for daytime, metallic high-heeled sandals or slingbacks and your favorite pair of neutral (black, grey or brown) pumps. (We gave up bringing sneakers a long time ago. No matter how good our intentions, we never do make it to the gym on vacation.) You’ll definitely want two pairs of going out shoes, because inevitably, after one late night out of dancing, your dogs will be barking. Strapping on those Jimmy's for a second night in a row will be about as appealing as a tequila shot the morning after an all night bender.
Check out these shoes for inspiration.

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