Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Not Vegas, But...

On Friday we told you we were headed down to Atlantic City. And, well, it's not Vegas, but AC is getting there. The crowd at Mur.Mur on Saturday night at the Borgata was young (primarily under 30), attractive and fun. The club was full, but not so packed we couldn't walk without spilling our drinks. Everyone we talked to was either from Jersey or Philly--we actually kinda missed the Eurotrash. DJ AM was awesome as usual. He knows how to read a crowd and definitely works hard for his money. We stayed out dancing til the wee hours of the morning.

Would we tell our friends from New York to go? Definitely--with one caveat. We took the Greyhound bus from NYC. While it was fine on the way down, the bus on the ride back was crowded, stinky and loud. It left us wondering: Couldn't AC do a Jitney service a la the Hamptons? We would have gladly paid a few bucks more for a bus that left on time and a more civilized experience. But if you want to gamble, stay up all night dancing and wear something a little more risque than you might in your hometown without the time, expense or hassle of a flight to Vegas, A.C. is worthy of a night or two.

UPDATE: We just learned Amtrak is introducing direct train service from NYC to AC by early '08. Roundtrip tickets are expected to cost between about $105 and $165. All aboard!

To make a reservation at the Borgata, click here.

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