Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Flirtiest Lashes Ever

Eva LongoriaFor girls’ nights out, we lurve the look of long, dark eyelashes—think Eva Longoria—but mascara alone just doesn’t have enough oomph. And, as much as we practice, we just can’t get our $1.99 fake lashes from CVS to behave and fall perfectly into place. Our solution? We head to the nearest MAC store and have one of the groovy makeup artists apply the bad boys—completely for free (you just have to buy the lashes). As a bonus, they’ll also apply all your eye makeup, so you’ll have the sweeping dramatic cat eyeliner and perfect gold shimmer shadow to perfect your new femme fatale look.

We recommend the #34 lashes ($11 for a pair). Anything bigger and you’ll risk looking like a drag queen.

Click here to find a MAC store near you.

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