Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hair of the Dog?

As much as JSG wishes we could promise to eradicate your hangover all together on your girls’ getaway, the only thing we know that will 100% do that is to drink less the night before (Which is as annoying as our dermatologist telling us that the secret to the fountain of youth is staying out of the sun!) Instead, through our combined years of drinking, here’s what we’ve learned can help ease the pain.
1. Gatorade. We prefer classic green since it’s taste is the least offensive .
2. Emer’gen-C. Mix with water and drink down to get more than your day’s supply of Vitamin C as well as a host of other sutff that’s good for you.
3. Miso soup. It’s salty, has a little bit of protein and goes down oh-so-good!
4. Sitting in the steam room. It’s a low-impact way to sweat out all the booze.
5. Bloody Mary. Make that two.

Any other suggestions? We want to hear them!


Anonymous said...
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Ritu said...

I love the hangover helper tips! here are some more that worked for me in the past... my fave is the banana

sher said...

I take alka seltzer for the tummy, of course and Airbourne for the rest of the body. It's full of vitamins and immune boosters.

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