Friday, October 19, 2007

Next Up On Our Radar: Is AC Cool or Not?

JSG last went to Atlantic City for the Morissey concert on a Tuesday night over the summer. While the show was awesome (Girlfriend in a Coma? We love the Smiths!), we were perplexed by Atlantic City. On one hand, it's definitely trying hard--Harrah's has opened up a really cool indoor, adults-only lounge-y pool (shown above) that turns into a club on weekend nights and a fab Red Door spa; Caesar's now has a super-hip Buddakan restaurant, and a number of the hotels are adding or just added brand new wings, like Caesar's and Borgata. But on the other, the crowd just wasn't there yet. We definitely brought the median age down by 100 years and were in the minority of those not wearing sweatsuits!
The verdict: We need to give it another shot on a weekend night. So that’s where you’ll find us come Saturday night—at Mur.Mur at the Borgata to hear DJ AM spinning tunes. We’ve basically been a groupie of his since we heard him at Pure at Caesar's Palace in Vegas. Who else can flawlessly mix songs from Coldplay, The Stones, Hall & Oates, Etta James and then back again to No Doubt? We danced the night away to his music without ever checking the time or noticing our toes were in pain. He is a true master!
We'll report back next week. And if you see us at the Borgata, come over and say Hi!

To check out DJ AM's My Space page and hear a sampling of his music, click here.

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