Monday, October 29, 2007

The Go-With Anything Jewelry

We advise you to travel with as little jewelry as possible since the more you have the more you are likely to lose. We’re still crying over a bird of phoenix turquoise necklace that our mom gave us when we were 15 that we left in Miami.
We love these Rebecca Norman skinny gold bangles: they’re chic, sexy, go with any outfit—day or night—and are guaranteed attention getters. In fact, every trip we take, our friends always fight over who gets to wear them!

To buy them online, click here.


Amy said...

Too Cute ! And NM has free shipping today with the code: TODAY

Anonymous said...

Do what the Jet Set Girls do....share jewlery. We always call each other to find out what to bring. That way we can share. Jewelry looks different on everyone. Especially when you're wearing different outfits!

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