Monday, October 15, 2007

Green Get-Aways

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day for the environment, so we thought it was time to let you in on a little secret: Not all our trips are about meeting hot guys and partying. Sometimes we like to spend time alone with our girls and do something nice for ourselves. It's even better if we can manage both while spending time at a beautiful, eco-friendly resort.
This past August, we were scheduled to go to Bikini Boot Camp at Amansala in Tulum, Mexico, a short cab ride south of Cancun. We were lured with promises of morning yoga on the beach, hikes and bike rides to the ruins, along with massages, yummy meals of fresh seafood, gauc and salsa and, rumor has it, the best margaritas in all of Mexico (we're not into complete self-deprivation). We were looking forward to staying in a beachfront cabana with a thatched roof with no air conditioning or TV. The payoff is pristine beaches and a vacation that leaves you feeling rested and a few pounds lighter.

Unfortunately, our trip was postponed due to Hurricane Dean, which only confirmed our belief that it's important to take care of the world we live in. Remember the three R's: reduce, reuse recycle!

To learn more about Bikini Boot Camp click here.
Maybe we'll see you there!

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Delphine said...

hi guys! did you ever go? I'm off to search... I'm totally in love with this idea.

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