Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Leggings Making a Comeback?

Or, more specifically, stirrup pants. It is a little scary when you're old enough to remember the first time a trend was really big. That's exactly the case with JSG and stirrup pants, but it's not stopping us from embracing them this time around. Hope already bought a pair of Vince stirrup pants at Neiman's post-Christmas blowout sale and has been wearing them ever since. Now we see that Sak's is giving a free pair of Kova & T leggings with any Louboutin purchase. Is it wrong that we kinda want them? They would be just the thing to wear with our pink Miu Mius.


Anonymous said...

That does look kind of cute, espc. if you accessorized. But, I couldn't wear it to work!

The Jet Set Girls said...

I think with leggings it's important that you balance your proportions. Blousy top like in the picture works well. I've only worn mine with boots so far, which is not as committed as the heels above. Thanks for reading!

plushjunkie said...

We, like, totally forgot about side ponies, Hypercolor T's, AND stirrup pants?? We never wore them with heels, however (or without the teenage acne and self confidence issues). So, we're happy to have a second chance at them. Plush Junkie says Yay!!!! to stirrups and stilettos.

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