Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Free workout for your iPod

Was it your resolution to finally lose those last 5 pounds this year? Ours too (especially if we do take the dream beach vacation). But as we all know, finding time to go to the gym can be hard (just ask Oprah) and personal trainers are expensive (not sure what Oprah's excuse is on that one).

PumpOne offers a workable solution: Workouts you download to your iPod, laptop, Blackberry or cell phone. The portable personal trainer guides you through a full workout, demonstrating proper form. You can chose from a range of exercises from traditional strength training to summer body (hello!) to Pilates and yoga.

JSG sampled the Pump Away-hotel room workout, which features exercises like step ups and dead lifts that you can do anywhere. It was a far better workout than we would ever do on our own and left us feeling toned. We love that the vid suggests using a suitcase as a substitute for free weights. No wonder PumpOne is the exclusive fitness partner for Aloft Hotels, the more affordable, sister hotel to the Ws.

We enjoyed our workout so much, in fact, that we're happy to offer Pump Away hotel room workout for F-R-E-E to all of you--a $19 value. Simply enter JetSetPump at checkout. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome. Thank you so so much!!!

Kaitlin said...

Great giveaway - thanks very much!

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