Friday, December 5, 2008

On Our Radar: India

And on our minds... I've no doubt where I get my wanderlust. My parents have spent years traveling to far away places like Brazil, China, Australia, Egypt and now India. Yesterday my parents left for a two week tour. They never doubted they'd go on their trip even after the Mumbai attacks last week. They simply responded that they weren't going within 1,000 miles of Mumbai anyway. Then on my way home from taking them to the airport, I heard about a shooting at the New Delhi airport, exactly where they're headed. I called them in Chicago on their layover to see if their flight was canceled. My mother said of course not, the shootings were earlier in the morning and everything was fine now.

Here's their message for terrorists: We'll live our lives with courage and not be intimidated.

As for my parents, they're taking a risk; but life's short, isn't it worth it? I can't wait to see India for myself one day.


Anonymous said...

hope your parents have a safe trip

The Jet Set Girls said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I have a good feeling they're doing quite well!

Anonymous said...

Hi girls!
I love your blog and wish your parents a very safe trip. I'm from India and the next time I'm flying back home from LA, I intend to fly through show my support and to let everyone around me know that you cannot let the terrorists win...

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