Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bus Travel East Coast

We're huge fans of the Amtrak between DC and NYC. We prefer it over the airplane (packing restrictions, cab fares, security lines, baggage fees, ugh!); but we've never ridden the bus. In fact the last time we took the bus north was on our way to Canada in high school (but we'll have to share the deets about that in person).

Our biggest concern about the bus is the chance of hitting horrendous traffic up 95. For $20 each way though, that may be a chance worth taking. Daily Candy dished on some fancy new buses that'll whisk you up and down the East Coast for the cost of a tube of lipgloss. Some have reserved seats, wi-fi access, water bottles and movies. We'll let you know who bites first Anne (who's got a couple of home-for-the-holidays trips planned) or Hope (who's promised Livi a trip to the city).


Jamie said...

BoltBus is actually a pretty decent way to travel, if you don't want to fork over the big bucks for Amtrak. Having wireless on the bus makes the trip go so much faster!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of BoltBus. Plus the first 4 rows have outlets for plugging in your laptop, phone, or blackberry.

Unknown said...

Washington Deluxe is great. I am using them for years. They offer free wireless and outlets and not as croweded as BoltBus which automatically makes your trip so much more pleasant.


Unknown said...

I travel with the Washington Deluxe for years.The service is great. They offer free wireless and outlets on board as well. Buses are not as crowded at Bolt bus which makes trip much more pleasant.

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